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Parenting Bad Parenting Produces Teenage Suicide Bombers

By Dadmin, Published: Mar 13, 2015 | Updated: Mar 13, 2015 | | |
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  1. Another day and another weirdo teenager blows himself up in the name of Islam and the death cult Isis but because a growing number of these teens are from western countries we as a society are even more shocked!

    child parent.jpg Well here's a message to the bewildered that may answer their disbelieving heads: the reason why there are nutter teenagers willing to join and die for a psychopathic bunch of murderers is not due to any compelling cause they feel drawn to it's simply because of bad parenting techniques.

    The "experts" want to tell us that it's clever marketing by the death cult targeted at our young that influences them to join. Or, it's our western society that is flawed to the point where it pushes our "poor" young people over the edge and into the dark world of head removal when it's actually neither of those things.

    For a start, the death cult videos of beheading and burning people alive isn't powerful propaganda it's just SICK shit produced on cheap editing software any teen can use - you don't need to be a Hollywood editor to make that crap. Those promo videos of training camps showing these idiots climbing monkey bars over burning car tyres are just stupid and anyone with any small amount of proper military training belly laughs at their weapon handling - they are a joke!

    Secondly, our western society and the values it openly displays is not the cause for ostracising our teenagers and it shits me when celebrity commentators try to blame our way of life as the reason for producing teenage suicide bombers or jihadi murderers. If anything, our society has become to soft and obliging treating teens like adults and filling their tiny undeveloped minds with politics and stuff they don't really comprehend.

    As parents, we should be letting our children be children and it's through their early lives where parents (or caregivers if the parents are dead or gone) are the main coaches or influences. If parents do not take this responsibility seriously enough this gap will be filled by someone else and that's where the trouble could begin.

    I'm not saying parents need to helicopter their kids - not at all - but, they do need to impose themselves on a child so the kid learns a sense of placement in society and empathy for others.

    There will always be crazy parents in the world with devil in their hearts who raise their children to become haters and religious fanatics - there's not a lot we can do about preventing this happening.

    However, parents who are good normal people and role models to their children don't produce suicide bombers... It's the parents who may be "good normal people" but fail to influence their children in any way that leave their children vulnerable to becoming a suicide bomber or at best isolated from society.

    If parents leave a gap of belonging or fail to educate their child in empathy, humanity, purpose of life, then they shouldn't be shocked when this gap is filled by someone else. Lucky if the influence is a good role model and unlucky if the person or group/gang/cult happens to be on a crazy mission of destruction.

    There's no doubt those maniacs in Iraq forming the death cult Isis are just using religion as an excuse to live in a lawless place where murdering and butchering people can be done without consequences. It's a perfect place for all those with black hearts to congregate because they know they can't do what they do anywhere else.

    The fact that a small minority of so called "bright & normal" western teenagers are also attracted to this festering pot of hate has nothing to do with us as a western society needing to change something and everything to do with parenting gone wrong.

    I say it how I see it and I make no apologies for my opinion NOT being politically correct. You can rate this article or make a comment. Premium members can also write their own articles here on HMAD.

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  1. Righty
    "Right on!"
    I agree and it's not just about being a good person and hope your kids follow but parents need to teach them about being a good normal person and not just sit back hoping they turn out fine.


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  1. Righty
    It's nice to see a "how it is" written opinion piece on this issue about teens joining terror groups instead of the PC left wing dance around the edges blame western society POV that is constantly rammed down our necks.