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Politics, News, TV, & Radio Climate Debate in Australia is Driving Me Crazy!

Someone stop these people constantly whining about climate change...Geez
By Dadmin, Published: Feb 8, 2015 | Updated: Feb 24, 2015 | | |
  1. global warming climate change debate in australia.jpg The climate debate in Australia has been hijacked by city centric wankers (mostly from inner city Melbourne) who get off on scaring the Jesus out of everyone for their own political, personal, and financial gain.
    I'm fed up with listing to that Christine Milne (head wanker of the Greens) whining constantly on the ABC about how doomed we all are and to get ready for the end of the world. Seriously, I go into a daydream whenever she is on the TV and all I see is two wrinkly pork chops on either side of a gaping hole moving up and down as she shouts from her soap box to her left wing media disciples.

    It makes me angry that the media in this country (indeed all around the world) takes us all for a bunch of dummies who always fall for the three card trick and believe everything on the news. How easy it is to scream over a microphone and say we need to close down all fossil fuel power generators immediately before the world dies without any credible plan on how this should or could be done.

    As they sip their lattes in quaint little coffee shops crowded in between giant sky scrapers in Melbourne's CBD preaching their big, bold, "courageous" plans to shut down coal and power the world on wind and sun, do they give any thought about millions of Indians, Chinese, Asian, African, people who have only just risen out of poverty and are trying to get ahead in life? Do these green city slickers understand if the world did what they wanted and taxed the hell out of fossil fuels millions of people would be plunged back into poverty? They wouldn't care... They don't care... Their agenda is dishonest and in my opinion they are given way more media time to sell their message then they deserve.

    Most normal people in world want a clean planet, and would prefer if there were more cleaner energy alternatives but there's no point in being silly and crying the sky is falling! Rising energy costs are naturally changing people's behavior. Here in Australia, the amount of energy people use per household has fallen dramatically (almost alarmingly for electricity companies) over the past decade.

    There already is a push for cheaper power generation and the future is heading to renewable energy; however, pushing the market along faster artificially risks stifling world economic growth right at a time when we are still just emerging from a financial crisis. If the world economy goes down the tubes ain't nobody gonna care about global warming!

    Most humans only care about others and the planet when they aren't fighting for the survival of themselves and their family. It's fine for western politicians, United Nations, and other "well meaning" groups to voice their environmental concerns from the comfort of their apartments, business class travel lounges, and big salaries, but when they start scaremongering like they have been you must question their motives.

    Yep, I'm fed up with the whole climate debate saga and everyone I speak to is also. Australia resoundly voted against the global warming debate 12 months ago when they voted out the carbon tax Labor Government. Aussies want a normal debate and measured action to curb pollution, and reduce our emissions without killing off jobs and making us all poorer. For the average family, life is tough enough economically these days as it is without making it tougher.

    The pro global warming group are basing their dire predictions on a inexact science (and they even admit it) plus much of their modeling can only be proven in 100 - 200 years time! How perfect! Who's going to know if they were wrong?

    So here's my prediction, the world will continue on as it has done using fossil fuels and slowly gravitate to renewable energy. The left wing socialists will continue to annoy the hell out of 90% of the population (especially me) but their influence will be minimal. At the end of the day, no national or world leader will make their own people commit economic suicide over an unproven science just because the people selling the warning are yelling the loudest.

    And, why does Milne constantly smile when she talks? Weirdo...

    Like my opinion or hate it? You can review my blog if you like and tell me how great you thought it was... ;) Also, you can have a go - just sign up and start blogging!


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  1. Dadmin
    Yes, I couldn't agree with me more on that one...