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School & Childcare Extra Learning Resources For My Child Outside Of School

By Dadmin, Published: Feb 28, 2015 | |
  1. Sometimes the learning and teaching in school is just not enough anymore for children. Regardless of the reasons for this "gap" in the academic education of our kids, the main aim is to fill it somehow so they aren't disadvantaged later in life.

    elearning learning resources home.jpg Most parents fill this learning shortfall at home by using their own resources. These may be acquired or purchased resources such as books, learning toys, or electronic media like Leapfrog.

    Also, parents support their children's learning through homemade resources which can be very helpful and as simple as some "kitchen table tutoring" or as complex as creating a worksheet/activity to be done physically or completed online.

    It's precisely these type of DIY home made learning resources that we here at HMAD are most interested in collecting in our Learning Resources Section. Parents (or even teachers) can upload and share all types of learning resources under several categories for other members to download and use to help with their children's education.

    Some examples of DIY or homemade learning resources are:

    • Worksheets - These can be printed documents made by hand or on a PC such as: maths problems, spelling words, art projects, colouring in exercises, sentence construction, history facts, music, etc.
    • E-Books - DIY Online books are easier than ever to make and these days anyone can become a publisher. Parents or anyone can create an e-book on targeted subjects for specialised teaching or just as a reading resource about something not readily available to buy commercially.
    • Interactive Documents - Software companies like Adobe have very good programs to help with designing and creating interactive learning resources like documents with embedded video or audio, drop-down selections, and worksheets which are able to be completed online with a PC, iPad, or Android tablet.
    Creating learning resources can be time consuming but they are often short lived as your child masters their targeted homemade resource but sharing your resources with other parents online (especially one's which have worked well with your own kids) can be very useful for other parents and children. Indeed, if parents can share the resources they create in can mean less work overall for everyone.

    These learning resources are only limited by the imagination of the creators and often parents know about what's in a child's mind and what motivates them better than most teachers do. Many people might be surprised at how good and influential parents are at developing excellent learning resources for kids.

    Here at HMAD we'd like to encourage submissions into our Learning Resources section to be offered for free but we also acknowledge some resources take considerable time and effort to create so we do have provisions for our members to offer resources for payment. HMAD doesn't collect commissions or anything like that we just offer a forwarding payment service through our software to PayPal or other websites.

    So, if you think sharing learning resources online is a good idea then join our site and feel free to contribute in whatever way you wish. As I write this short post, our Learning Resources section is a little "skinny" on content but HMAD is only just several months old so your submission will not only help other parents and children it will also encourage others to do the same.

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