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Politics, News, TV, & Radio G20 Hijacked by Climate Change Debate Thanks to Obama

By Dadmin, Published: Feb 8, 2015 | Updated: Feb 25, 2015 | |
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  1. obama speech.jpg
    The left wing media rejoices again after Obama gives them all the fodder they wanted by talking about climate change in his speech to the University of Queensland. Instead of focusing on the crux of the agenda (global growth to lift poor people out of poverty) Obama spoke populous pie in the sky stuff that only God knows will happen 15 - 30 years from now and that's if any of his goals are actually implemented.

    Obama is a great speaker and personally I quite like him. There's no doubt he's well meaning and a good bloke but these glorious speeches talking about, left wing agenda politics with a hand on the heart reminds me of Kevin Rudd - all talk, nothing real happens, and the little guy without a job continues to suffer.

    As I've said before, climate change or not, the world is moving toward renewables anyway simply because the cost of solar and other alternative energy sources is becoming more competitive with fossil fuels. People are going to switch in order to save money but forcing people to pay more in order to speed up this transition will just lead to hurt.

    Rich people (like famous actors and apartment living greenies) will scream the house down and hijack all other community debates flashing their shiny solar systems from their rooftops whilst the majority of others need to survive in a tough world.

    When it comes down to food on the table for the average world citizen what really matters is jobs, jobs, jobs and saving the planet is not on their agenda - especially if they are made to pay more for it!

    There's plenty more to talk about and be reported on regarding the G20 - things that can be implemented now to make a difference immediately. There's a whole world meeting in France coming up specifically for climate change and that is where the voice of concerns can yell all they want. However, this is a G20 meeting, which although does (and should) touch on other world issues it's supposed to be focused on world growth and jobs.

    Therefore, as honorable a subject the climate change debate may be, how about the pro climate change brigade SHUT UP for a second and let someone else talk for a change!

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  1. Dadmin
    "Wow! Great article on climate debate ;)"
    PROS - Cut to the chase and well written!
    CONS - None I can think of...
    Good stuff! You've inspired me to write my own blog/article here on HMAD.


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