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Parenting It's GREAT to be Accepted as a Home-Dad

By Dadmin, Published: Feb 23, 2015 | Updated: Feb 24, 2015 | |
  1. I was at the supermarket today with the kids doing some grocery shopping and as I paid for my items the checkout lady asked, "So, day-off today?" She had assumed I worked and just happened to have a day off to do some shopping with the children in tow. I replied with a big grin, "Nope, I'm a home-dad and every day is a day-off for me."

    pond boy.jpg
    The "work" question comes up all the time as I go about my daily routine because society hasn't quite caught up with the role reversal some families undertake of mum at work and dad at home. However, the scenario of dad being the homemaker and mum being the breadwinner as weird as it seems to some is growing in popularity and recently I have felt a shift in acceptance.

    Nevertheless, it was only 7 years ago when I retired from the workforce (in 2008) and at that time our decision to have me stay at home whilst my wife worked was openly frowned upon by family, friends, and strangers. Over time the people closest to us got used to me doing the home “thing” and the questions about when I will finally get a job waned to almost nothing but I couldn't be sure if it was because their views about men at home had changed or if they just eventually tolerated our lifestyle choice.

    It's hard to tell what family and friends are thinking sometimes but I find it's easier to gauge the public or strangers opinions and this is where I have noticed a vast shift more towards acceptance of a home-dad rather than away. I see less raised eyebrows when I inform people of my role and feel more warmth, recognition, and even excitement about what I do.

    I used to feel a little odd telling people I stay at home with the kids and even slightly embarrassed but these days I wear stay-at-home like a badge of honour and almost gloat as I spew the words, "I'm... a... home-dad" whenever someone asks.

    And for the record, and for all those who said "you'll go stir crazy being at home" - well, I didn't go stir crazy. In fact, I have thrived and grown both emotionally, professionally, and physically also (since I have more time to exercise) so not only have I enhanced my relationship with my wife and children I've benefited personally!

    I love being a home-dad and it's even better now that society doesn't mind me being one now either.

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