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School & Childcare Private Vs State School Plus Pay for Tutoring?

By Dadmin, Published: Feb 27, 2015 | |
  1. Private school or state school with tutoring (if needed of course) that is the question I'm going to visit in this article about what might be best from an academic point of view or even from a values perspective for your child.

    private vs public school.jpg There are many reasons why parents choose to send their children to private school instead of state but in my honest opinion there should really only be one and that is to get the best education possible. And, by education I primarily mean in English and Maths (in that order).

    The fluffy parents and so called "experts" will spew out all that football hearted paraphernalia about how school is SO MUCH MORE than just English and Maths, it's molding children for the future through interaction with others and widening their scope of learning with other things they may not be getting taught at home.

    However, kids will be molded and learn about life anyway simply by being at school amongst their peers, or going to sports training/guitar lessons etc without the need for the school to over facilitate and cram the curriculum full of time wasting rubbish.

    Yes, there's a lot of rubbish being taught in school and ironically the school curriculum is becoming a distraction in class! But, that's another story/article and what I want to focus on in this post is pure cost and value academically of a private school education vs a public school education, which includes tutoring.

    Personally, when we first started considering where our children should go to school I admit my wife and I were clouded in our decision making and whilst academics was in our minds we paid too much attention to social aspects such as:
    • Values (like christian);
    • Facilities;
    • Social status; and
    • Location.
    Of course, we thought about teachers and academics but we more or less assumed if the above were covered the teaching would be better also. However, whilst other social factors can help gauge the academic strengths of a school this is NOT always the case and sadly we found that out the hard way.

    Our private school does have high christian values, touchy feely teachers, plenty of after hours parent education nights, good facilities, small class sizes, etc. The only problem is our school sucks at literacy and numeracy.

    That's not just my opinion but it's the opinion of many parents, teachers, and even other principals I know in the local area, plus, the NAPLAN results show the state school down the road scores better!

    Now why is this? Why is our private school not meeting our expectations? I think it's partly because there's a poor teacher group overall but mostly because the curriculum doesn't spend enough time teaching the fundamentals!

    Not spending enough time teaching the basic academics nor reenforcing what has been taught is a big mistake more schools are making in the modern era and it's something new parents should be mindful of when selecting a school.

    So what can happen is parents can find themselves in a situation where they are paying big money for their child's private school education but in return only getting reinforcement of social values whilst literacy and numeracy suffers. In other words, a christian school may focus too much on good manners or God and not enough on maths and english meaning if the child has any difficulty at all in grasping the academic side they likely fall behind. That's what precisely happened to one of our children.

    The thing is, parents are best at teaching their children values and educating them about other aspects of our society; however, parents are not so good at teaching academics. That's why society started schooling for children in the first place... Not for values or other crap but mainly for reading, writing, and numbers - the subjects parents struggled to teach.

    As I said, it's not as evident if your child is a quick learner and can grasp the literacy and numeracy in the time allocated in class but it does become a problem when they can't. Then it falls back on the parents because the teachers don't have the time anymore to review or dedicate more time to those lagging.

    Often the parents don't have the time either or the skills to teach (hence our school seeing the need to hold weekly parent education workshops) so the next point of call is tutoring.

    Now we all know how expensive a good tutor can be and when combined with private school fees we're talking a lot of money out of a family income for not very good reward. Therefore, in hindsight we would have been better off sending our kids to a state school and forking out the extra tuition fees (if needed) than wasting our money on a private education.

    But what about the social aspects and values? We're confident our children would have been just as well behaved and growing into good little citizens as they are without private school. We're absolutely certain our private school had limited influence over molding our kids for the future and likewise a rough or low social economic state school would not have influenced them either. The good people our children are turning into today is mostly because of us parents and our surrounding family/friends.

    Simply put, even if we had to professionally tutor our children every week of the term through state schooling it would still be a fraction of the cost of a private education!

    If we had our time over again, there would be only two points of concern as to where our children went to school: English and Maths (in that order). The school that shows the best focus on academics or has the best reputation for literacy and numeracy should be the school all parents choose. Nothing else matters!

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