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Politics, News, TV, & Radio Say NO to Sydney Hostage Crisis at Lindt Cafe Media Circus

By Dadmin, Published: Feb 8, 2015 | Updated: Feb 24, 2015 | |
  1. tv channel 9 vs ch 7.jpg Left wing commercial TV continues to stoop lower and lower as they go to air with hostage recounts of the Sydney hostage crisis at the Lindt Cafe. Do we really need to see this lived out over national TV... again? I say NO.

    Both channel Seven and Nine rushed to grab ratings by running competing shows about the hostage drama on Sunday night. The advertisements promoting their shows were as scripted as any major blockbuster TV mini-series could ever be with dramatic music, hostage account grabs, sobbing, and dramatisation techniques using an actor as the perpetrator.

    Whilst I have nothing but utter sympathy for the poor victims of this terrible hostage crime, I can't see any benefit to our society in watching or listening to their own personal accounts and misery. Reportedly, some hostages are being paid large sums of money to appear on these shows and although I don't begrudge them of money - I do still think it's inappropriate... Sorry.

    I'm not saying the hostage crisis should not be reported on what I'm saying is the way it is reported in this instance is a disgrace and sadly the cheque book journalism way is becoming the norm.

    Whether it is the dumbing down of society generally or the emergence of sickos needing a constant fix of reality TV there's no excuse for our media organisations to sellout investigative journalism for fast food ratings.

    I stopped watching that 60 Minutes junk a decade ago and the channel Seven's Sunday Night program is just as awful. Where's the big breaking stories (almost docos) they used to make gone? Where's the in-depth analysis of specific government policies to educate the public? Where's the journalism about topics that really affect our daily lives gone?

    Don't look for it at the ABC...


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