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Politics, News, TV, & Radio Tony Abbott is he Really Evil or is it the Media?

By Dadmin, Published: Feb 9, 2015 | Updated: Feb 24, 2015 | |
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  1. glasses reporter writing.jpg Today, Tony Abbott reaffirmed his leadership of the Liberal Party and in turn his Prime Ministership of Australia. In the end, a win is a win by all Australian standards/values (our old fashioned and still relevant good values that is) but you sense the left wing strangle hold on our current media will not let Tony have any free air.

    This is unfortunate for all Australian's especially those with young children who are arguably the most vulnerable economically and the ones who really do need policy focus from our politicians/public servants and stability of government.

    Whilst the media play reality TV politics mostly blowing wind up their own arses and trying to out do each other on who has the most wit and corny analysis segments, the public are left to go about their daily lives robbed of any real or truthful (unbiased) policy information. Ordinary Australians deserve to come home from a hard days work switch on the 6 o'clock news and see a report without favour explaining what a certain policy might mean to them.

    Instead, when it comes to politics being reported on Australian TV they get to watch an opinionated reporter loaded with leading answers to leading questions mostly about popularity and gossip. Of course, most reporters are just puppets of a producer who frames the editorial in a way they favour personally rather than presenting straight boring factual information.

    The good old days when the news was mostly factual statements of a day's events or a deciphering of complex policy into a language the public could understand are well and truly gone! That's too hard work for most reporters these days...

    Sure, have the talk-back shows and the opinion couch TV segments just don't pass it as news and declare it as it is YOUR opinion. That's not going to happen though, because the left wing heavy media are making too much ground employing their current tactics and thereby influencing a lethargic public with a growing majority not even knowing any better.

    Why has the media painted Tony Abbott as some evil entity needing to be stopped by any means possible? Easy, because he is not a champion of all their causes, he says it how it is, he's not a submissive male, and he doesn't tow the line of the 24 hour media cycle they demand - and they hate him for it! They want a PM who jumps when the media say's JUMP but Tony Abbott won't...

    Yes, most of us agree our current PM isn't the prettiest picture (not many of us are) and he's made some minor bloopers, like the Knights & Dames, which quite frankly can be a little embarrassing but he MEANS well - he's not bloody evil. If that makes someone evil than most of our parents would be!

    It's not the media's job to persuade the public about an individual turning politics into a popularity and personality contest it's about reporting the facts and being impartial then letting the public decide. Too often, the media today go beyond the facts and mix opinion into their reports and that's just plain unprofessional and damaging to our country.

    People have a right to factual news but when was the last time you saw a policy discussed at length and in detail on TV in an unbiased way? All we get are 30 second grabs of insults from politicians and smug remarks from reporters with little substance.

    The fact that the polls are against Tony Abbott is more because of the unrelenting and often disrespectful way our PM is presented by the media rather than an educated public view. He is vilified and crucified daily for sport by the Australian media as if he is such evil that all he stands for is badness when in truth he's probably one of our best citizens, however, the public rarely get to see or hear that side because the media won't allow it.


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  1. Dadmin
    "Top article about Australian media"
    PROS - To the point and well pointed
    CONS - not much I can think of...
    Hit the nail on the head! The left wing media in Australia has become too powerful and a balance needs to be made to bring the discussion back to the middle.


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