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Politics, News, TV, & Radio Why Tony Abbott Will Find it Hard to Win the Next Election

By Dadmin, Published: Aug 28, 2015 | Updated: Nov 24, 2015 | | |
  1. Edit: Cause his not PM anymore... :D

    With an anti-Coalition and primarily left wing mainstream media it will be difficult for Tony Abbott and his Coalition Government to be reelected at the next election.

    I don't want to get into "why" the mainstream media in Australia is bias towards left wing politics or even why they hate Tony Abbott so much because these subjects are big enough to separate and be the topic of future articles here on HMAD.

    For now though, I want to concentrate on why the left wing media is so influential and basically so powerful that they can almost single handedly throw out a good government for a pretty poor opposition.

    We recently saw this happen in Queensland when Campbell Newman's Government was turfed out in just a single term after romping into power in an annihilating win over Labor just 3 years prior!

    In Queensland, the media ran hard from the very first day of the Newman Govt to discredit and manufacture a sense of chaos out of trivia when in fact Campbell was doing quite a good job under a difficult financial situation left to him by the previous Labor Premier Anna Bligh.

    As it turns out the Newman Govt only just lost the election, even though the media was unrelenting, but a loss is a loss and the damage sure was done to Newman's reputation in a very short period of time. So how did the media do this?

    Well, it comes down to who is listening to the mainstream media in Australia and it's the under-educated "Ma & Pa Kettle" and the "Bogans" who get targeted by the mainstream media during prime-time TV. These swinging voters are highly influenced by media spin and the mainstream media are fully aware of their captive audience's weakness to gossip and hearsay.

    The left wing voters have already made their minds up just like many of the right wing voters but either group can not win an election for the major parties so it comes down to an increasingly unpredictable swinging voter who holds the power of change. This wouldn't be an issue if the undecided were given equal and truthful information by the media so they could make an informed decision but this isn't happening anymore.

    Furthermore, many of the Ma & Pa Kettle and Bogan voters struggle to understand politics these days at any educated level so they rely solely on the media to point them in the "right" direction, which more often than not is to the left. Whether these swinging voters are time poor or simply dumb due to a declining education system or social change I don't know. However, I'm sure most of them get their political fix (and view) from 2 minute grabs on the 6PM news between the house fire of the day and the latest Royals watch update.

    Unfortunately, that 2 minute segment in the mainstream news or on the local radio is like the McDonald's of political news - fast, without substance, and leaves you hungry 15 minutes after consumption. These reports are mostly gossip sessions trying to grab quick gotcha moments to shape the left wing narrative and boost the political reporters ego. There's hardly ever any policy information, or any of the boring (but important) details needed to shape informed political opinion.

    But speaking of opinion, political news reporters both young and old in mainstream media organisations seem to have plenty of opinion to give to their numb brained viewers instead of doing what their job is and reporting unbiased facts.

    That is why avid political followers like me (and maybe you since you're reading this) don't get our politics from the 6 o'clock news and certainly not from "our" ABC news because they are all inherently left wing leaning but even worse the substance is just not in the reports. Therefore, we read the papers, consume online materials, and personally I like to watch political commentary programs like: Insiders, Bolt, PM Live, View, etc where the substance is not as weak or dumbed down. Just for the record, I don't watch QandA anymore - it's a complete garbage of a show.

    That's all fine and dandy, except I come back to the point of this article and the title about why Tony Abbott will find it difficult to win the next election because it doesn't matter how well I educate myself to find the political facts it's likely our country's future will be shaped by Ma & Pa Kettle & Bogans voting the way their media masters tell them.

    And the mainstream media is telling everyone that Tony Abbott and his Government are a pack of raving lunatics hell bent on destroying life as we know it when in fact they are doing a pretty good job by most indicators. Naturally, not many people know this because primetime TV and radio won't let them hear it due to their own political bias and narrative against the Coalition.

    As the election gets closer the polls will tighten because SOME of the swinging voters will focus more on policy detail (they're not all totally stupid) and the media are also obliged to allocate more real time to covering policy and allowing politicians to speak instead of reporting gossip and playing quick grabs edited to fit the political reporters bias opinion. Will this be enough for Tony Abbott to turn the tide? It's going to be hard - and the media will be doing their hardest to shout over any good days the Coalition has with their own agenda - just like they did to poor Campbell Newman in QLD.

    Yes, the mainstream media is very powerful in Australia and their power keeps growing as our citizens get dumber and their interest in politics wains. In the swinging voters apathy they take the 6PM news as gospel and formulate their political opinion on just a few minutes of bitchy comments during the morning show by a left wing anchor or a 2 minute grab by a political reporter with an opinion instead of facts.

    It should be an interesting 12 months and I really hope Tony Abbott can find a way to get his policies out to the swinging voter somehow (maybe through advertising) to combat the mainly one sided hammering he'll be copping in the mainstream media. Who knows, I say it's going to be hard for him to win but it's not impossible he just needs to get Ma & Pa Kettle and the Bogans to see his side of the political argument and then convince them his Govt isn't at all as bad as the media in Australia portrays it to be...

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