1. Hello Guest,

    you've probably seen my tweets & decided to sus-out our site. I generally don't read twitter... I just say my piece, so don't expect me to respond to negative or positive feedback on that platform. 

    I guess I should be upfront & confess I'm still toying with HMAD whilst I am working on more advanced and successful online projects.

    In the future, I might develop this website & idea. Perhaps to become more of a "political" site instead of a parenting one? We'll see... 

    We've disabled registering for now, but if you still want to join use our contact form and send me a message.

    If you're thinking of buying HMAD feel free to contact me also but no promises I'll sell!

    Thanks for popping by :)  

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  1. Dadmin
    Big plans for HMAD in 2015
  2. Dadmin
    Dadmin Mister E
    Cool avatar - love it! :)
  3. Dadmin
    Dadmin The Riddler
    The Riddler - now that's a cool name :)
  4. Elvis
    Elvis The Riddler
    Hi Riddler. Great forum isn't it?
    1. The Riddler
      The Riddler
      Nice picture.
      Aug 18, 2013
  5. Dadmin
    Testing the Twitter social connect feature on our Home Mums and Dads forum.Site launch on 6 July!