1. Hello Guest,

    you've probably seen my tweets & decided to sus-out our site. I generally don't read twitter... I just say my piece, so don't expect me to respond to negative or positive feedback on that platform. 

    I guess I should be upfront & confess I'm still toying with HMAD whilst I am working on more advanced and successful online projects.

    In the future, I might develop this website & idea. Perhaps to become more of a "political" site instead of a parenting one? We'll see... 

    We've disabled registering for now, but if you still want to join use our contact form and send me a message.

    If you're thinking of buying HMAD feel free to contact me also but no promises I'll sell!

    Thanks for popping by :)  

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Welcome to the HMAD Forums


Welcome to our community! We believe men and women are more alike than some people think. We're fed-up with being divided by invisible rules in society which tell us women go to women forums and men are only interested in sheds and tools.


The fact is, in a modern world home duties are, more often than not, shared between men and women and the stereotypical woman at home/man at work style of family is rapidly diminishing. Therefore, we've created this website to bring home mums and home dads together and whilst we may cross hammers and curling irons occasionally, for the most part we all have the same end goal... to facilitate the best life for our children as we possibly can.     


Bottom line, HMAD is an online community designed for anyone with an interest in stay-at-home parenting. This includes (but is not exclusive to): stay-at-home mums/moms; stay-at-home dads; full/part-time working mums/dads; grandparents, expecting to-be parents; and others with an interest in general parenting.


HMAD is about learning, supporting, teaching, and sharing experience about parenting and life in general. It's also about communication and providing a place where people with similar interests can interact and chat to solve problems, share information, raise awareness for local or international issues, and above all have fun.     




Our aim is to provide a safe, sharing, supportive, cohesive, informative, and overall enjoyable online community experience for all our members.


Your Community


Online social interaction via community forums is becoming more popular by the day and there's good reasons for this trend. Joining a community like HMAD allows you to interact with people who you know have the same interests and passion as you do on a certain subject (in this case parenting) - and that alone is a real PLUS.


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Jun 1, 2013
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