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Maths Sums Add Up To 20 (Grade 3) 2014-02-22

216 small maths problems addition no larger than 20 for kids grade 3

  1. Dadmin
    Here are some simple maths problems (216 to be exact) addition sums for children in grade 3.

    I knocked these sums up for my own child who needs a bit of extra practice in adding up.

    The sums don't go over 20 (well they shouldn't - I tried my best to proof read it) and it's in the form of a pdf document so you'll require a pdf reader to view it. In many places the sums do follow patterns; for example, blocks of sums will add up sequentially up to 20 but there is a reason for that as although it may seem to make it easier for the child it demonstrates how to short cut maths problems to hopefully improve their mental skills at doing small sums in their head.

    The 9 pages are meant to be printed off and done by hand rather than completed on the PC. And, they should be done several times until the child begins to know the sums off by heart because at this age (grade 3) they should be starting to master all numbers up to 20 in their heads.

    This resource is offered as a free download. However, you will need to sign up to our forum (become a member, which is also free) to download the document.

    I have not provided the answers as it is pretty straight forward to mark but I can do so on request.

    I'm open to suggestions/questions on how I can improve the worksheet and if you find any errors please let me know.

    Enjoy - Or, should I say I hope your kids do... ;)

    maths add up to 20 .jpg Sample image of worksheet
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