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Sight Words/Sight Cards Grade 3 Primary School (11 sets) 2014-03-16

11 sets of sight words and cards to be used as a learning resource grade 3 primary school (free)

  1. Dadmin
    Here are 11 sets of sight words (or sight/flash cards) for grade 3 primary school kids offered as a free download.

    These sight words are ones we are using ourselves for our own 7 year old who is currently in grade 3 to help him with his reading and writing and they consist of the most common words used in reading. The words come strongly recommended by his primary school teacher.

    How to use

    The idea behind sight words are that these particular words should be immediately recognised by the child. Therefore, in order to help the child learn these sight words it's best to use them like flash cards only giving the child a few seconds to read it before saying the word and moving to the next one.

    Over time, and with a bit of practice the child will begin to read the words without having to sound them out and this in turn will help general reading immensely.

    The sheets can be cut into separate cards to be used as flash cards or they can be printed off and kept whole and the pointing method used whereby you point to a word at random on the sheet and the child has to say the word within just a few seconds (the faster the better).

    Alternatively, the sight word sets can be kept as a digital file and viewed on a PC or tablet and the same point and say techniques for learning used.

    This resource can be downloaded as a PDF file compatible with all PCs and tablets. You will need to join HMAD to use the download button and download this resource.

    If you like this sight words resource please rate it using our star ratings.

    This is an example of the first set of sight words (below).
    sight words cards example.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Kerri
    Version: 2014-03-16
    Thanks for this! Just what I was looking for :)
    1. Dadmin
      Author's Response
      Great! :)