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Bosco As1200hd Kitchen Stand Mixer Review
  • This is my review of the Bosco AS1200HD Kitchen Stand Mixer.

    Now, I (my wife and I) had been wanting a stand mixer for ages but the prices were so prohibitive that it always put us off. About 8 months ago (as at the date of this review) we decided to bite the bullet and get a mixer.

    I researched and researched and it was evident two main players in the kitchen stand mixers were Kenwood and KitchenAid so I was really comparing the two until I stumbled on an Australian company called Bosco who manufactures their own stand mixer - then the ball game changed.
    Initially, I was skeptical which is a natural reaction when you see a brand you have never heard of or a product never seen. However, I am never one who blindly follows the masses and gets what the Jones's get unless I totally like the product myself. Plus, I like to support new and up coming businesses if I can because this helps the economy and keeps the big companies honest.

    Nevertheless, I don't just spend hundreds of dollars on a hunch so I ensured Bosco was legit and a trusted company which offered warranty and a good returns policy.

    Compared with other big name mixers the Bosco AS1200HD Kitchen Stand Mixer seemed like great value. It was considerably cheaper (by about $200) and offered more or comparable accessories and machine power than it's competitors.

    So we made the decision the buy the mixer and have been impressed ever since! Here what we like:
    • It's a solid machine - very robust.
    • Power - mixes the gooiest dough easily. Has a special patented double dough hooks for mixing.
    • Stable - has suction cup feet which work great.
    • Accessories - Plenty of them including three already in the box: a hot/cold blender which is awesome for blitzing hot soups; a mincer/pasta maker/cookie cutter which I have lots of fun using; and a spice/coffee grinder. I since purchased a vegetable slicer attachment and a juicer attachment. Extra or replacement accessories are exceptionally well priced.
    • Bowl - large stainless mixing bowl with handle.
    • Looks - Not overly important but it does look good on the bench.
    • Good customer service - I have been impressed with their communication.
    • Value - Great value for money (I won't add the price here because it may change).
    We definitely recommend the Bosco AS1200HD Kitchen Stand Mixer. Happy to talk about this product more in the discussion thread.

    #Note: I believe there is a digital model out now that is claimed to be quieter and have a digital display motor size is same. BM1200HX (sells for about $90 more)

    Can be purchased on Ebay here
    Official Bosco Website here
  • Besides the list below, I also got a large silicon baking mat complimentary with my order - I didn't ask for it nor was it detailed to receive on purchase they just popped it in the box as a surprise for me... nice touch :)
    Essentially, the info below is directly from Bosco's website.

    What's in the Box:

    • AS1200HD stand mixer.
    • Blender attachment.
    • Mini Grinder attachment.
    • Whisk attachment.
    • Flat beater attachment- standard.
    • Double dough hooks.
    • Mincer attachment, feed tray with tamper, 3 mincing dies (fine, medium and coarse)
    • Pasta extruder dies.
    • Sausage tube.
    • Cookie extruder.
    • 6 litre stainless steel bowl with handle.
    • Splash guard.
    • Silicone Scraper Beater.
    • Operating instructions and quick reference guide.

    • 220-240 VAC.
    • 50-60Hz.
    • 1200-1400 Watt Power.
    • Gross Weight = 12.7kg
    • Color: Cherry Red Top and Platinum Silver Bottom.
    • Certifications: CE, RoHS, GV

    BOSCO mixers come with a 12 month complete replacement warranty on defects due to workmanship or manufacturing. Additionally BOSCO mixers have a 5 year warranty on the motor.

    Can be purchased on Ebay here
    Official Bosco Website here
  • Performance - well, I think you'll know my answer to that if you have read the start of my review. We use the Bosco AS1200HD Kitchen Stand Mixer all the time and it hasn't missed a beat!

    My wife made chocolate brownies yesterday and they are all gone already ... blame the kids :D

    We can discuss this more in the discussion forum (discussion tab).

    Can be purchased on Ebay here
    Official Bosco Website here

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