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    you've probably seen my tweets & decided to sus-out our site. I generally don't read twitter... I just say my piece, so don't expect me to respond to negative or positive feedback on that platform. 

    I guess I should be upfront & confess I'm still toying with HMAD whilst I am working on more advanced and successful online projects.

    In the future, I might develop this website & idea. Perhaps to become more of a "political" site instead of a parenting one? We'll see... 

    We've disabled registering for now, but if you still want to join use our contact form and send me a message.

    If you're thinking of buying HMAD feel free to contact me also but no promises I'll sell!

    Thanks for popping by :)  

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Bosco As1200hd Kitchen Stand Mixer Review
  1. Dadmin
    "This mixer beats Kenwood & KitchenAid hands down!"
    PROS - As described in review
    CONS - None that I can really think of...
    Seriously consider this mixer before buying the bigger established brands - you might just save a few bucks and also get a surprisingly good mixer.