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Breville Food Processor Review
  • We got given our Breville Food Processor for a Xmas present as a combined gift from my mother and sister.

    I have to say, they made a great choice in food processors as the Breville (BFP650) has never missed at beat!

    One of the surprises I had was how well it actually minces meat and I often use it as a quick way to mince up our own meat for burgers and pasta etc.

    There is also a more expensive and upgrade model being sold (BPF800) it costs about twice the price and may be an alternative for USA/UK buyers if the BFP650 isn't available.

    You can read more and buy it In Australia online from Appliances Online and eBay Australia

    USA and UK - eBay America

  • Taken from the manufacturers website


    • Quad blades - Reduces processing time
    • Direct drive induction motor
    • Unique Cyclonic Action® for even processing
    • On and pulse settings
    • Safety locking system
    • 2L Shatter resistant lightproof bowl
    • Shredding discs - coarse and fine
    • Slicing discs - thick and thin
    • Grating disc - fine, dough blade
    • Storage container for discs included
    • Storage lid for processing bowl
    • Spatula included
    • Cleaning brush included
    • Dishwasher safe parts
    • Rear cord storage
    • Dry Capacity
      2 litre
    • Liquid Capacity
      2 litre
    • Speed Settings
      On and pulse
    • Blade System
      Kinetix® Quad® Blade System - 4 blades instead of 2 for reduces processing time on several tasks
    • Feed Chute
      Dual feed chute for wide and thin food
    • Motor Type
      Direct drive induction
    • Processor Functions
      <p>Chop, slice (thick and thin), grate, shred (coarse & fine) , knead dough</p>
    • Blade Storage
      Separate storage container
    • Attachments
      Chopping/processing quad blade, shredding discs- coarse and fine, slicing discs - thick and thin, grating disc - fine, dough blade
    • Cleaning
      Dishwasher safe parts
    • Safety Features
      Safety locking system, non-slip feet
    • Additional Features
      Integrated rear compact cord storage
    • Included Accessories
      Spatula, cleaning brush, storage lid
    • Construction
      Stainless steel housing, plastic bowl, stainless steel blades
    • Voltage
      220 - 240 Volts
    • Wattage
    • Warranty
      1 Year Replacement with 5 year Motor Warranty
  • We've been really happy with its performance over the past 6-7 months.

    I can't say I can compare it with other similar food processors but if you can feel free to leave your review here.
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