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    you've probably seen my tweets & decided to sus-out our site. I generally don't read twitter... I just say my piece, so don't expect me to respond to negative or positive feedback on that platform. 

    I guess I should be upfront & confess I'm still toying with HMAD whilst I am working on more advanced and successful online projects.

    In the future, I might develop this website & idea. Perhaps to become more of a "political" site instead of a parenting one? We'll see... 

    We've disabled registering for now, but if you still want to join use our contact form and send me a message.

    If you're thinking of buying HMAD feel free to contact me also but no promises I'll sell!

    Thanks for popping by :)  

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Feature Articles

Discussion in 'Announcements, Forum Support, & Feedback' started by Dadmin, Dec 6, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, just to let visitors and members know we now have an Article system on HMAD whereby Premium Members can submit relevant articles for publication on our website.

    Logged in Premium Members will see a "Submit an Article" button/link in the top right navigation bar and can use this button to bring up their article screen for writing.

    There are several of different categories to select from when constructing your article/blog.

    Just a few points:
    • Articles must be original and not copied from anywhere and the use of copyrighted material such as photos not belonging to you is prohibited (when in doubt leave it out) or use images from copyright free sources such as Pixabay.
    • Quotes or snippets from other websites or news articles are fine to include in your article as long as the correct acknowledgement and a link back to the source is given also.
    • Articles must adhere to our rules; which means, no obscene language, no racial slurs or undertones, and no personal attacks on other members. See rules for more info.
    • Spammers will be banned or deleted from our system.
    • You may promote or link to your own website (within reason) but affiliate advertising in articles is not allowed.
    • You can promote products and/or link to commercial websites (for example, eBay) but you are not allowed to add affiliated links within articles.
    • You must be a registered Premium Member and logged in to write and submit an article.
    • Articles are submitted and proofed/moderated before being published on HMAD. This means articles may be amended, edited, or not approved at the discretion of HMAD Staff. Having said that, censoring articles written by our members is something HMAD is loathed to do and where possible we wont.
    Writing articles or small posts can be lots of fun and a great way to interact online or promote something so feel free to have a go.

    One last thing about content...

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    If you have read this far then you no doubt are interested in writing here on HMAD and you most likely have read some of our articles and noticed how my general POV in particular slides to the middle and right (conservative).

    I welcome more people with similar views to use our website as a platform to blog and write about what interests them.

    However, I also welcome writers (perhaps from the left) who have differing views to join HMAD and write their opinion. We may not always agree with each other here on HMAD but we feel it's important to listen and allow ALL sides of an issue or POV to be written about.

    If you have any questions just ask here in this thread of send me a PM (private message via our system) - you can also email us via the contact link on the bottom of the page.
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